Hip & Ridge Shingles – Individual overlapping element on the external angle at the junctio of two sloping roofs or the horizontal line at the junction of the upper edges of two sloping roof surfaces

Underlayment – An extra layer of protection on top of the sheathing. the main purpose of underlayment is to provide an extra layer to safeguard a home from extreme weather and elements.

Self-Adhesive Underlayment – One system we use, the Peel and Stick underlayment, has a modified self adhesive membrane which provides a secondary layer of waterproofing protection. This second layer of protection creates a water tight barrier that provides continuous protection over the entire roof deck as well as those problem areas where water tends to collect or drainage can be slow.

Starter Strip – This protects the roof edge by providing the features needed to stand up to wind resistance. The starter strip also fills in the spaces under the cut outs or shingle edges which protects your roof from housing unwelcome pests.

Gutter – A shallow channel built along the edges of a building to catch and carry water off from the roof.

Insulation – Materials used to reduce the rate of heat tranfer, thermal insulation is added to building for comfort and energy efficiency.

Rafter – A rafter is one of the series of sloped structural members that are designed to support the roof deck and is associated loads. A pair of rafters is a couple.

Beam – A long sturdy piece of squared timber or metal spanning an opening or part of a building, usually to support the roof or floor above.

Customer Care


Every so often you need to take a good look at your roof, with the sudden wind driven storms we get here in Florida your roof shingles may be lifting. During the months when we have high wind speeds, heavy rain, hail and thunder storms, your roof is taking on a lot of wear and tear so it is important to make sure it is standing up to the task. The lifting of your shingles starts to loosen them from the roof membrane and over time the more they loosen the more prone they are to come off in a sudden storm or hurricane. Once you have a few shingles missing from a storm your roofing system becomes compromised.

Hail damage is also more common than you may think. If you see dark spots on your roof after a hail storm give us a call and we will inspect the damage for you. We can work with your insurance adjuster to get you a new roof.


Debris on your roof can cause a myriad of problems from clogged gutters to trapped moisture causing moss and algae growth. Regular cleaning is vital to preventing future issues.


High Tide Roofing & Waterproofing, works with products that provide the very best warranties in the business. To make sure these warranties work to your best advantage, we provide thorough inspections on all our products, to the specifications of the warranty requirements.

No matter the roof, from a high-end custom metal residential roof to a cost-efficient commercial warehouse, the aesthetics of the roof are important to bringing out the very best of your building. We work with premium products, selected both for their visual appeal and durability, such as shingles, ceramic tile and metal roofing. These finishes can bring an elegance and statement to your home.

Our business is all about relationships. We want our clients to know of our commitment to excellence in our work and our friendly community oriented business culture. Referrals are always a source of new business, and we are proud to have a reputation our clients can pass along.

If you have any questions or would like to get a free estimate please contact us here or give us a call.